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12 Classic Goalie Masks

Jacques Plante

Nothing says “classic goalie masks” like this one! Jacques donned the mask for the first time on Nov 1 1959 after taking a shot in the face which required many stitches. The amazing part of the story is that he left the ice, got stitched up put the mask on and came back out to play! And the rumor is the only reason it took him 20 mins to come back to the ice was because he was arguing with his coach about playing in a mask, something he had only done in practice. Needless to say, I think every goalie appreciates his many gifts to the game especially the mask. You have to wonder if he could of imagined what mask would become in today’s game?!

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4 Comments on 12 Classic Goalie Masks

  1. What about Ed Belfour’s any of masks, they were a work of art. Ed Belfour took goalie masks paint jobs to a whole new level.

  2. Mike Palmateer’s mask came from a kid who sent him a picture of what he should paint on his mask….

  3. nice you remember jacques plante. first mask in hockey history and fit a great goaltender

  4. Postmandougie // May 25, 2015 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    How do you not include Gary Simmons’s Cobra mask from his Seals/Barons/Kings career? Better than a few on this list…

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