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Blackhawks Top 11 All Time Points

We are going to start taking a look at the all time points leaders in each franchise and we thought who better to start the list off with than the Blackhawks. An original 6 team and definitely one of the most talented clubs out there in the past few years with a ton of history!
How would you like to have some of these guys in your fantasy hockey pool?!

<EDIT> Shortly after writing this post Kane jumped up a couple spots in the All Time Points list. But because Bill Mosienko holds such an amazing record this is now a list of the Top 11 All Time Points!

On to The Top All Time Point Leaders

11th Bill Mosienko

#11 All Time Points Leader, Blackhawks All Time Points

Bill Mosienko similar to Kane played right wing during his career which spanned from 1941-1955. He played a total of 711 game with 258 goals and 282 assists. His claim to fame, a record which likely will never be broken occurred on Mar 23 1952, where he scored the NHLs fastest hat trick! 3 goals in 21 seconds! You can read the whole story here

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