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Sidney Crosby – Top 10 Greatest Moments

I remember being in London Ontario for the Memorial Cup in 2005. The 2004-05 NHL season had been cancelled due to the lock out, which put the spot light on Junior and College hockey across North America. This was especially true with Junior hockey in the CHL leading up to the Memorial Cup.

Tickets were too hard to get, so we always watched the games from a bar across from the JCL (now Budweiser Gardens) but the buzz all week was Sidney Crosby and Rimouski vs Corey Perry and the Knights. Unfortunately for Sid they lost in the finals, but wow! Talk about setting the stage for things to come!

With that out of the way, lets check out Sidney Crosby at his best!

#10 – 1st Overall Draft Pick (July 30th, 2005)

This was probably the most talked about draft in NHL history! With the lockout the previous year there were no team rankings so they had a lottery and the grand prize was Sidney Crosby! This created a unique rookie year as Alexander Ovechkin was also coming into the league for his first season also. The two would compared together for years to come as to who would be the better first overall pick. Regardless, Sid going to Pittsburgh really kick started the franchise.

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