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Sidney Crosby – Top 10 Greatest Moments

#1 – The Golden Goal (February 28th, 2010)

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Sidney Crosby makes the game winning goal.

Photo: (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

It probably doesn’t matter what side of the boarder you are on, you will remember where you were when this goal was scored. It was an incredible hockey game with an incredible ending. This was a very tricky shot, as I don’t believe Miller expected it. Normally a player would walkout front, which is why he was starting to poke check, or go behind the net and look for a pass out front, but Sid saw the perfect spot and fired it in. And because those Olympics were held in Vancouver, made the moment much more special having it in front of a home crowd!

If you have never seen Sid play live, I suggest you find some Pittsburgh Penguin tickets whenever they are playing near you. Talent like this is rare and should be experienced once in person. Feel free to leave any comments below on your favorite Crosby moment!

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