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Top 10 Greatest Moments in Canucks History

#6 – Towel Power

Image photo: BRUNO TORRES, Calgary Herald

It was the 1982 Western Conference Final, with the Blackhawks and referees both beating up on the Canucks, coach Roger Neilson had enough! Grabbing a white towel and a stick from the bench and waved the towel in a “we surrender” kinda way. A couple of players followed suit, this incident resulted in a game suspension to Neilson. But by the time the teams returned to Vancouver for game 3, the fans had rallied in what would become a playoff staple! White towels in hand, Canuck fans waved their towels and pushed their team to win the next 3 games taking them into the Stanley Cup Finals!


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  1. Well done. These are actually well thought out and not just dumbo Wimpden’s retirement night choices. I’ll throw in a totally obscure honorable mention. The Canucks beating the defending Cup champ Bruins that first NHL expansion year behind Rosaire Paiement’s heroics. I also think they may have beaten the B’s twice that season.

  2. flames in 4 sweep !!
    Canucks are nothing but a wind sock
    blowing in the wind

  3. Ray Lagace // April 24, 2015 at 3:25 pm // Reply

    I have been a Canuck fan since I was 5 years old when they were playing in the WHL! I was at this game 7 in Calgary when Pavel scored this huge OT winner! It was awesome, my brother and our best friend drove to Calgary and bought tickets at the ticket window in the morning of game 7 after we drove all night to get there……what a sweet win that one was and what a run in ’94!!

  4. Ray Lagace // April 24, 2015 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    Oh ya the save too! What an incredible save by Captain Kirk to keep the game alive!

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